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Our certification programs, whose international validity is ensured by the accreditation chain, have been prepared for many different management systems. These programs take place in many different areas such as information security, energy management, occupational health and safety, quality, food safety and environmental management. )

Course Certification

Good preparation should be made for the exam you will take for personnel certification. One of the most effective of these preparation methods is to be included in training programs. However, training programs that are not well-designed and will not gain sufficient knowledge and skills will both harm your budget and waste your time.

Approved Organizations

Before taking the exam, candidates must have attended the 40-hour lead auditor / auditor training of the relevant certification program. You can find “Approved Education and Training Institutions” on the page of the institutions providing these trainings.


Our Courses are the best design and function combined together

You can use our Lead Auditor course which has tested for the best results.

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