Certificate Programs

Our certification programs, whose international validity is ensured by the accreditation chain, have been prepared for many different management systems. These programs take place in many different areas such as Information security, Energy management, Occupational health and safety, quality, food safety and environmental management.

Different personnel certification programs have been established by bringing together the experiences of auditors from different disciplines in order to bring the trained workforce needed by the PERAC auditing sector accredited by TURKAK. Focusing on the desired results by working with all relevant parties, PERAC works with all auditor candidates of all knowledge levels starting from the application phase.

With regular feedback from our customers, effective implementation of accreditation requirements, and continuous improvements in our processes, we operate all processes to create the knowledge, skills and talent required to ensure that our auditors and candidates build their careers strongly.

Achieving an accredited staff certification plays an important role in demonstrating your professional competence. The personnel certificate, which is a very effective proof to distinguish you from other people, will make a great contribution to your preference in the international platform. Once you have your accredited certificate, you can continue to develop and keep up to date with the Continuous Professional Development (SPG) activities developed by PERAC while taking important steps in your career.