Energy Management System Auditor (ISO 50001)

This certification program has been created in order to carry out the energy management system audits effectively. This competency-based program has been prepared under the supervision of experts who apply and supervise the energy management system. In this way, it is ensured that EnYS audits are carried out effectively.

Energy Management System Lead Auditor

The Energy Management System (EnYS) lead auditor / auditor certification program was prepared by PERAC on the basis of the ISO 50001 standard and its international validity was assured by accreditation.

In this program, you will be subjected to an intensive test that measures your knowledge and skills. With the success you will achieve, you will receive an internationally valid certificate that you can effectively perform EnYS audits, and you will have an important proof that certifies your competence.

PERAC Energy Management System Certificate Program, which has been prepared on the basis of the ISO 19011 standard, has been prepared with the contributions of industry experts and taking into account all the knowledge, skills and characteristics that the auditor should have.

Purpose of the Program

PERAC Energy Management System Certificate Program has been established to provide;

• Establishment of competent auditors in the energy management system

• Energy management system audits are carried out by competent auditors

• Increasing the reputation of energy management system auditors

Program Application Process

All candidates who wish to conduct energy management system audits can apply for this program.

  1. You can find the exam schedule of EnYS Certificate Program here. (There will be a link to the “Training / Exam Schedule” page.)
  2. When applying to the program, you must fill in an application form. You can find this application form here. (Link to the Application Form) While applying for this program, you can either take the exam directly or complete this program after a training. In order to take the exam directly, you must have an Energy Management System Auditor Training of 40 hours approved by PERAC. You can see the EnYS Auditor Trainings approved by PERAC here. (There will be a link to the “Approved Education and Training Institutions” page).
  3. When you send your application to PERAC, your application will be evaluated and detailed information will be given to you.
  4. According to the results of the evaluation, you can take the exam on the appropriate date for you.

The Validity Period of My Certificate

Your Auditor certificates issued by PERAC are valid until the new version of the relevant standard is released. In order to be appointed as auditors, certificate holders must have participated in an audit of at least 10 man / day as an auditor from an accredited certification body. This process is carried out by each accredited certification body itself, according to its own procedures.

Valid Courses / Training Institutions

Before taking the exam, candidates must have attended the 40-hour lead auditor / auditor training of the relevant certification program. You can find “Approved Education and Training Institutions” on the page of the institutions providing these trainings. These organizations are organizations that provide training that are approved by PERAC and are not related to the examination process. Apart from the Education and Training Institutions approved by PERAC, candidates can directly participate in the exam when they submit documents from IRCA / CQI or Exemplar Global.

Validity of the Certificate

Candidates can confirm the accuracy of their certificates on PERAC’s web page after they are awarded their certificates. Candidates can verify the Certificate Number in the lower right corner of their certificate by entering the “Certificate Verification” page.